Earn cash by 3D-mapping the Earth

Record videos for 3D map models by our app in locations you visit and get paid with cash or GlobalMap Coins.

How It Works

Follow these simple steps to join the global mapping initiative and start earning $ for 3D maps.

#1 Become a Global Mapper

To become a Global Mapper you need to register on our platform, install the application and start mapping.


#2 Map Locations

Capture places you visit using our app and upload data to the cloud. The number of locations and time you spend on mapping depends on you.

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#3 Get Rewards

Depending on the floor space, prices in your region, quality and running time of mapping, you can get up to 20$ hourly in cash or/and GlobalMap Coins.

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How to Map the Location

You'll need only a mobile phone with the GlobalMap app and a little time to walk through locations.

GlobalMap Coins

What GlobalMap Coin is
GlobalMap Coin is based on Ethereum cryptocurrency that was created to purchase 3D maps of different locations.
How to sell GlobalMap Coins for a cash
You can sell coins to corporations for any currency so that they could buy commercial 3D maps.
How to earn GlobalMap Coins
Choose GlobalMap Coins as a currency for compensation for capturing locations with our mobile application.
Why would corporations buy Coins?
Since we sell 3D maps in GlobalMap Coins, corporations will need to buy coins from Global Mappers to obtain the map.
Coins liquidity
The demand for coins among the corporations will ensure the liquidity of GlobalMap Coins.
Where to exchange GlobalMap Coins?
We are going to launch the GlobalMap.AI crypto exchange platform in August 2021.

We create a world where people can cooperate on the same earth-scale map by using mobile phones, AR glasses and robots. Now you can become a part of our global mission.

About us

GlobalMap.AI is a global crowdsourcing 3D mapping platform developed by Augmented Pixels Inc. (Palo Alto, CA, Est 2013)—a leader in precise 3D geolocation with the next generation of 3D maps crowdsourcing, cloud localization and AR navigation solutions on board.

The company creates 3D models of various public places, commercial and industrial facilities, etc. and sells maps along with localization services to property management corporations, delivery services, AR games developers and other clients.


How many locations should/can I map?
There are no requirements or limitations on the number of locations. It's all up to you.
How long does the 3D mapping process take?
It's a very flexible process similar to recording the video of the location. You'll need some time to walk through it with a mobile phone. Time depends on the size of the location, but you can capture it in small parts.
How much will I get?
You can get up to $20 equivalent in any currency or GlobalMap Coins for an hour of video depending on its quality, type and size of the location, etc. We don't limit you! The more locations, the more money earned.
What locations do I need to map?
We are interested in all kinds of public spaces, including but not limited to shopping malls, business centers, factories, nightclubs, hotels, parks, etc. If you visit some of them for work or are just passing by, you can make a short video and get paid.
Can I map locations in different cities?
Of course! You are not limited to cities or even countries. You can map locations anywhere you want - in your country, on trips to other countries. Anywhere, we mean it.